Item Condition Grading Guides


Hobby Kingdom sells our products graded as Mint/Near Mint (M/NM), Excellent (EX), Great (GT), Good (G)Fair (F) and Poor (P).

Grading is a contentious topic amongst collectors and a products grade can vary from one seller to the next. The following guide is how we would describe our grades and what condition you can expect to receive.

We inspect all our items before selling and take professional photo's so all your expectations are met.

All products are covered by our 30 day return policy 

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please note cards are kept in there protective cases at all times and only taken out for grading and pictures.

Mint/Near Mint: (M/NM)
A card in Mint/Near Mint condition will show minimal or no wear. On close inspection one or two minor imperfections might be noticed such as a white spot on the edge, a small scratch or a printing defect. If you are a collector looking for a Mint condition card, we suggest contacting us for more information before purchasing.

Excellent: (EX)
Cards in Excellent condition will show very minimal wear at first glance or inside a sleeve. Overall, still in great condition but on close inspection minor imperfections can be seen such as light scratches, edge wear, printing defects, clouding or minor indentations.

Great: (GT)
A Great card will have a few more visible imperfections. It will still look good at first glance when put inside a sleeve, perfect for collectors/players who want to save some money. On close inspection you could see larger light scratches, edge wear, indentations, clouding or scuffing.

Good: (G)
On Good cards you will start seeing some more major issues. The card should still be in its original shape but there may be creasing, heavier scratches, edge wear, larger indentations or heavier scuffing.

Fair: (F)
Cards in Acceptable condition have begun to lose their original shape as well as the other issues stated in Good. The corners might be rounding, or some delamination has started to occur on the edges. When put in a sleeve an A card should still have it's structural integrity and be playable.

Poor: (P)
Cards that are Poor will rarely appear on the site. We will only list a Poor/Damaged card if it is sought after and desirable in any condition. The main difference between a Poor and Acceptable card will be a loss in structural integrity. This means the card is flimsy to the touch or missing some cardboard/foiling. for TCG players the card may not be legal for tournament use.




All video games and consoles (except new) have been cleaned, tested and are guaranteed to work!

Mint/Near Mint: (M/NM)
A Game in Mint/Near Mint condition will show no wear or scratches. Will be like it has been purchased brand new.

Excellent: (EX)
Games in Excellent condition are lightly used, but almost like new. May show very minimal wear and have a few light scratches. 

Great: (GT)
A Great game will have a few more imperfections. There may be a few more scuffs/scratches than an EX, perfect for collectors/players who want to save some money.

Good: (G)
On Good games you will start seeing some more major issues. The game may have some damage to the cover/art, May be missing some teeth or have some cracks in the case. Disc is moderately played.

Fair: (F)
Games in Fair condition have been heavily played. The cover and artwork may be damaged.

Damaged: (D)
We only sell Damaged consoles that need repairing.




Please note that these guides are based on box quality only

Mint/Near Mint: (M/NM)
Mostly it is just brand new pops in this condition. With the naked eye you will not see any flaws whatsoever.

Excellent: (EX)
Pops in Excellent condition are just about perfect. May show one or two extremely minor box flaws only visible upon close inspection.

Great: (GT)
A Pop which is in Great condition may contain some minor flaws or wear, but is still typically considered to be undamaged.

Good: (G)
A Good condition Pops flaws and wear will be more visible, the Pop is still in good condition.

Fair: (F)
Pops in Fair condition are still somewhat presentable with more major box flaws that may make it unsuitable for in-box collectors.

Damaged: (D)
We do not sell damaged Pops!