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Group Break

What is a group break?

A Group Break is when a group of individuals buy a spot(s), rather than boxes, from a case or a group of boxes.

The spot(s) are then associated with teams and the "hits" related to these teams belong to the owner of those spots.

Types of Breaks


Once a break has been filled all spots are randomised (using random.org) and assigned to the corresponding alphabetical team. All spots are the same price and teams are randomised live.


Each spot in the break has been assigned with the team, so you know exactly which team you are going to receive. Teams are purchased on a first come, first serve basis. The team’s price may vary depending on the potential hits of the team in that product.


The list of participants will be randomised (using random.org) to determine the order of the draft. Once the order is decided, participants will take turns to select their team. The participants turn is based on the draft order.

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Accessories Available

We have a huge range of accessories available.

Some of the Accessories we stock:

Penny Sleeves

Team Bags

Top Loaders


9 Pocket Pages

Display Stands


Deck Boxes

Sorting Trays

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We have a huge range of single cards for sale.

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