Card Game - Terrors of London The Reptile Tomb (Expansion)

Card Game - Terrors of London The Reptile Tomb (Expansion)

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Card Game

Terrors of London The Reptile Tomb (Expansion)


This is content that does not come with the standard edition from the Victorian Duel pledge.

The Victorian Noble pledge includes 4 new Overlords, all of which that use the terror token mechanism. This allows the Overlords to accumulate power for variable effects. It also features more monsters, relics, and starting cards to allow players to play up 2-4 players.

4 new overlord cards
12 new monster cards
16 new influence cards
5 new relic cards
10 cultist & 6 fanatic cards
4 acolyte cards
24 terror tokens
2 additional health markers
4 health marker cubes
2 more reference cards


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