AFL - 2022 Footy Stars Jumbo Pack Wars

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Footy Stars 2022

Jumbo "Pack Wars"

16 SPOTS @ $14.99 a spot
(Afterpay and Latitude Pay available)

4 Rounds (Please refer to diagram at the bottom of the page)


2 people will go head-to-head in each round opening a Jumbo pack of 2022 footy Stars each.

The winner is determined by whoever has the overall highest hit according to the ratio of a box and they will progress through to the next round with the loser out of the tournament.
(If it is a draw then it will come down to the 2nd best card and so on. If that is still a draw then a random draw will be done to choose the winner)
For those who are familiar with the tournaments we ran last year it is basically the same however this year ALL the cards go to the overall winner so that will be 30 packs worth of cards going to the overall winner which will be shipped out express post the next business day.
Sunset parallel 1:2
Starburst ice 1:3
Gamebreakers 1:3
Milestones 1:4
30th anniversary gold seal base cards 1:6
Blank canvas 1:9
Fractured acid yellow 1:14
Numbers midnight design 1:16
Competition Card 1:18
Fractured acid yellow 1:14
Spectre redemption 4 and 5 1:108
Virtuoso signature redemption 1:1296

The Tournament will be live streamed to our Facebook page and also our You Tube and Twitch Channels

"Hobby Kingdom"

All cards will be sent well protected and express posted the next business day concluding the tournament.

Price of the spot includes supplies, fees, taxes and postage 

Thank you for supporting your local hobby shop ❤

Best of luck to you all.

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